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Separable cupcake cactus-shaped cake

Separable cupcake cactus-shaped cake

A separable cake is the perfect combination between cupcakes and a traditional cake. We teach you how to prepare this tasty dessert!
We love cupcakes, but we also love whole cakes. What a calamity! But what if you did not have to choose between them?
Separable pastries have all the advantages of a cake, especially when it comes to decorating it. But it also allows you to separate it into portions easily without the need for a knife.
You do not have to limit your creativity, you can give it the shape you want and even stack it. Here we show you how to put together a simple separable cactus based on cupcakes.
• 23 cupcakes of any flavor. It is important that they have approximately the same height.
• 6 cups butter cream to decorate.
• Pink, yellow and green food dye.
• A base for large cakes.
• Pastry bag, spatula and other implements
1. Cut two of the muffins in four and place the rest according to the scheme shown in the image.
2. Use the cut cupcakes to fill in the blanks.
3. Use green dyed cream in a round piping bag to cover the cactus. Use the spatula to smooth. You can use the decoration kit for cakes and cupcakes, and thus get an efficient work.
4. With a sheet tip in the pastry bag, draw parallel vertical lines on the main body and parallel curves for the cactus arms.
5. On a waxed paper, mold the flowers with the cream dyed pink, with the cream center dyed yellow. Put them in the freezer for 10 minutes.
6. Place the flowers on the cactus and decorate with small yellow cream spots along the entire cactus. This will be the thorns. Ready!

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