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Do not you know what dessert to make for the Easter party?

Easter parties are certainly very symbolic in most countries of the world and in millions of families it is traditional to make meals and desserts of different types. But something that is very common in this type of festivities anywhere on the planet is to use decorated eggs.
Do not you know what dessert to make for the Easter party?
Do you like cupcakes? In Boulderlocavore you have an idea that you will love, as it mixes both the cupcakes and the symbolic of the Easter festivities.
If you go to any store on the eve of Easter you will surely find Easter eggs of all colors and filled with multiple flavors, you can choose the one you like best, but always take into account the taste and size of your cupcakes.
The idea we have taken is to make a nest of birds on each cupcake. How? Once you have your cupcakes ready, take a pretzels covered with chocolate and form the nest with them, do it at the height you want. Once you've done that, you can place the Easter eggs that you bought in the store ready! You already have a dessert to introduce your family and friends to your party.
Do not like chocolate or simply do not tolerate gluten? You can substitute the ingredients and make your dessert according to your tastes. You can also choose the color of the Easter eggs varied or with figures, the children will love Happy Holidays!...