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Marine Design Cupcakes

Now that we are at the end of summer, the best way to entertain is to make some fun cupcakes of marine design like those of Hungry Happenings.
Marine Design Cupcakes
They are easy to do, however we suggest you do not lose track of the instructions for you to succeed. You dare?
For marine design cupcakes you need ...
Chocolate for modeling (internet recipe), blue and black vegetable colorings, powdered sugar, cupcakes, and blue meringue.
You will also use tools to mold fondant, exact and roller
Color a portion of the chocolate with blue coloring, and knead until the tone is unified. With a roll extend the chocolate, and chop the chocolate in the form of waves.
Mark the chocolate with the fondant tool as a sea wave, and sprinkle with powdered sugar, removing the excess so that the waves are marked.
The length and height of the chocolate swell should match the measure of the contour and height of the cupcakes, respectively. Make several of these.
Take the other portion of the chocolate and split it in two to model the fins and / or shark and whale tailings. For it dyes dark chocolate (whales) and gray (sharks).
Models the whale's tail, while for the fins and shark's tail you use templates.
Wrap the cupcakes with the blue chocolate, and hide the joints with the fondant tools. Add blue meringue over the cupcake, and place the tailpieces and fins that you modeled.
Enjoy the end of summer with these cupcakes, and surprise your friends!