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Delicious chocolate mummies

Now that Halloween is approaching, we show you how to make these chocolate cupcakes, decorated like mummies, according to what we can see in Sugar and Charm.
Delicious chocolate mummies
These chocolate mummies, in addition to being exquisite, your guests will have fun with their graceful appearance, and will want to do the same on the next day of witches.
What do you need for preparation?
The cupcakes are formed by the cake and meringue, from which we will choose the best recipes we know.
You can use chocolate cake recipes that you have on hand or through the internet, or buy a mix ready for this cake, and incorporates the rest of ingredients in the recipe that includes the packaging.
You need capacities for your cupcakes, and of course a silicone mold that will hold them. Follow your recipe exactly, and once the bizcochuelos have been baked, let them cool.
Choose the traditional recipe of meringue, or the Italian meringue that has become known lately. The eyes of mummies can be obtained in any pastry shop.
Embalming the mummies
Prepare the sleeve with which you will decorate the cupcake, and place the mouthpiece with the flat tip to emulate the bandage of the mummy.Ubicados eyes in the center of the cupcake.
Before you practice with the sleeve the bandages, and once ready, begins to cover the cupcake up, down and to the sides of the little eyes. Cover as much as you want, but not too much and repeat the procedure on the other mummies.
Now enjoy your chocolate mums to the fullest!