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How To Make a Cupcakes Wreath

If you want to surprise the kings of the house like your father, husband, son with a crown wrap of cupcakes, it will be a delicious and beautiful way to surprise them any special day like their birthday or father's day.
How To Make a Cupcakes Wreath
As we can check in hungry happenings, a beautiful decoration simple to make and that is not only an ornament, we can also taste it.
To make the decoration previously we must have chocolate to mold and the following materials and instruments:
• Cutter.
• Pastry brush.
• Cutter or knife.
• Cocoa powder.
• Cast chocolate, for use as glue
• Glitter or glaze for baking (of the color of your preference)
• The cupcakes that we want to decorate.
The first thing we must do to make a cupcakes crown is to place ourselves on a clean, smooth surface and allow us to cut on it, without causing accidents or scratches.
Then with the help of a roll we extend the chocolate to model to a thickness of approximately ½ centimeter. Cut rectangles from the top of the cupcake.
Take the rectangle and measure the length necessary to wrap the cupcake and cut the excess.
Then with the same cutter or knife, trim the triangle to give the rectangle a crown shape.
With the help of a brush apply the glitter for baking on both sides of the chocolate for modeling.
Already missing shortly to finish a crown of cupcakes, we should only wrap the cupcake with the crown attaching each end with some chocolate and ready. Do not forget to put the frosting of your preference to the punch.