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Flower Chrysanthemum Pastels

We can not wait longer to welcome you to the fall, many of us know what that means, in addition to the new fashion trend for coats and scarves, we can have great ideas for making cupcakes to give our little ones and so take to the school on their return to school but not just for them. We can also make a special gift for a friend or friend of our work and enjoy seeing your reaction to have it in your hand and better even when you try.
Flower Chrysanthemum Pastels
We thank the portal of Leelabeancakes for giving us this wonderful idea as it is to create a cake chrysanthemum. This beautiful and creative idea was the winner in the second place in your community, for you it is indispensable to create something like this, that has creativity and that when it comes to serving let everyone with the mouth wide open.
These beautiful creations are chrysanthemums, are made like any cupcake made by ourselves but this time what changes them is their decoration. Leela Beancakes explains a bit more about how to make a flower decoration on our beautiful cupcake. This decoration can be perfect to display at any party and to perform with our little ones at home.
It is a beautiful project of rainy day, this is decorated on a rich pumpkin cupcake and followed them is decorated with the icing of cheese, it is a completely autumnal idea for us to put into practice the future festivals of the time and leave all our guests completely surprised and able to eat something a bit out of the ordinary and with a nice decoration.