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How to Decorate Reindeer Cupcakes

In Christmas times what we enjoy the most, besides spending time with our family is food, especially sweets and whether they are reindeer cupcakes or any other Christmas motive are delicious.
If you want to make a cupcake decorated in the form of a reindeer, enter hungry happening, where you will find the template that will facilitate the work to make the decoration.
How to Decorate Reindeer Cupcakes
To do this you must have at hand:
• Chocolate for white modeling.
• Milk-based modeling chocolate.
• Colorants for red and black food.
• The cupcakes of your choice.
• Pastry sleeve, to place the frosting
• Cutters or knife.
We must print the template and cut it, then translate it into the chocolate for modeling, previously stretched and make reindeer cupcakes.
We leave the chocolate to model with a thickness of approximately 0.5 centimeters, we cut each one of the pieces of form the reindeer with the help of the cutters and the knife.
With the modeling chocolate white we give a touch of red, to make with this the nose and the eyes with black color, we proceed like the chocolate to model of the previous step.
After we have all the pieces already cut, the largest piece is placed around the cupcake, we join each end and paste the same as the following pieces with a little water, exerting a little pressure, until we make sure that they came together perfectly.
With the help of the sleeve we placed the frosting on the reindeer cupcakes and finished this exquisite delicacy that adorned our tables at Christmas.