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Baby pacifiers for your baby's welcome

Is your baby coming? What a thrill! You must be a happy mom-to-be and of course you must stay calm, even if this last thing seems impossible to you, as it should be, everything so that your baby comes to the world healthy and happy. But we know that there are many things that you must organize to give a great welcome party to the new member of the family. Calm down! That should not be a reason for you to be stressed, remember that it is a happy moment and you need to be very well.

Baby pacifiers for your baby's welcome

In they managed to give you a very easy idea, where you can make a beautiful and edible souvenir, it is a pacifier dummies that you can put on mini-cupcakes and give them to your guests. Do not think that it is a pastry art or something like that, you only need pink or blue jellies, lemon juice and powdered sugar It's very easy! Take a small amount of lemon juice and add sugar to the powder while you gently beat the mixture that is forming, there are no exact measurements, only achieve a thick consistency.

After achieving the perfect blend you can make the pacifier shapes and insert them in the refrigerator to accelerate the process of hardness. Is it a child? Make it blue! It's a girl? Make it pink! Your guests will love it

If you are watching this post after your child has been born but their first birthday is near, then you can also take this recipe to distribute as a sweet snack at your birthday party.