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DIY Creative Phone Holder

Having our phones in any corner of our house waiting for this to load is something that is not usually very presentable especially when family and friends frequent our home and the cable of your charger is stretched throughout the house until reaching the plug. Leaving our cell phone on the ground is not a really presentable option and for this reason, many of us are looking for quick and easy solutions that can help us to have our charger cable on the rolled floor stop being a bad image.
DIY Creative Phone Holder
First of all we should thank the Makeit-loveit portal for presenting this wonderful idea for our cell phone. It is a simple work of craftsmanship and best of all is that it is completely economic, we would not have to spend a single penny for it because we can do it with materials that we have within our reach at home.
This work is known as the holder of cell phones, can be either large equipment or small equipment but the important thing for us is that it holds our mobile without falling to the ground or that the cable of the charger is watered and entangled shortly that the phone charges.
If you are looking for an idea on the internet to perform a simple, fast and simple job as it is to hold your mobile phone, the holder is very easy to perform and you should not buy anything, everything you use is centered on a piece of cloth you have at home and a bottle of some lotion that you can see that it has an adequate size.