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Recipe for preparing mermaid-shaped cupcakes

Recipe for preparing mermaid-shaped cupcakes

If you have in mind to make a marine party or surprise your children, these mermaid cupcakes are ideal to liven up any table and palate.
This option is perfect if the theme of the party you are organizing is La Sirenita, or the party is related to the sea or the beach, even being perfect for a party in summer time. Decorate your table with these beautiful and delicious mermaid cupcakes.

Preparation of cupcakes
First prepare the base dough of the vanilla cupcakes, then separate it into 3 parts, and dye each portion of the dough in the colors: blue, green and purple.
Pre-heat the oven, and prepare the mold for the cupcakes.
Begin to empty the mixtures in the mold, interspersing the colors.
Before taking it to the oven, with a pastry spatula, mix the dough a bit to give a nice effect and bake for about 45 minutes, until they are ready and browned.
Let cool and unmold.
Prepare the siren tails with a fondant in which the colors are mixed: blue, green and purple. Stretch the dough very well, and then with the help of a mold cut the siren tails.
With some cutters and other confectionery tools give them the right texture for the occasion.
Decorate your cupcakes with a delicious purple glaze, which you will cover with edible pearls in purple and white. Use the cake and cupcake baking kit from Swirley bake.
Cover your cupcakes with a butter cream, which you will dye in blue. Be generous with the butter cream, since in it you will place the siren tail that you prepared in fondant.
And to enjoy!

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