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Recipe for cupcakes with Halloween motives

A Halloween and Halloween party will not be complete without some terrifying cupcakes with decorations related to the theme of the party.

Recipe for cupcakes with Halloween motives

This time of year is approaching when you can take out all that potential to scare and impress children and their parents. With Halloween just around the corner it's time to start preparing our cupcakes for the scare season.

Halloween cupcakes are a necessary detail in any 'spooky' party, and we know that you will love these terrifying and at the same time delicious ideas.

Whether you want to create extravagant pumpkins or creepy spiders this Halloween, we have some great decorations to choose from. We show you 3 of the most simple and original ideas Which one will you choose?

Mummy cupcakes

These mummy cupcakes are a fun and spooky Halloween gift that kids will love.

You start with a cupcake with a smooth chocolate cover and you put both eyes, the bandages are made with cream applied with a flat peak. Finally the sparks of colors will break the monotonous aspect.

Very quick pumpkin cupcakes
There is no need to complicate these simple cupcakes too much. You just have to place a candy pumpkin on top and the decoration is made. The orange decorative caps can further enhance your creation.

Cupcakes with silhouettes

Cut the fondant into circles and let it rest overnight to harden it. Paint a clean rubber stamp with black food coloring and press on the circles. You can do them with any reason, here we show you an example with the silhouette of a witch.

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