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Silicone pencil for decorating pastry

Making personalized decorations can be very simple, with the silicone pencil to decorate cupcakes, cakes and other desserts.
If you are one of those bakeries who watch many programs on TV where experts in the kitchen make great decorations Do not worry! You can also make beautiful and original decorations, you only need the help of a silicone pencil for pastry.
Silicone pencil for decorating pastry
You can start to surprise your family and friends by presenting them with a delicious and well decorated dessert. If you are a beginner pastry we are sure that you have spent some time writing with chocolate or some other mixture about the dessert you have baked, but as you know that is very difficult to do with a pastry bag.
Write what you want in your desserts!
To write a Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Or the phrase you want, it is very simple if you use a pencil for decorations, you just have to fill in the pencil with the content you want, press it so that the mix comes out while you write.
And not only can you write on the desserts, you can also make personalized shapes or whatever you want on the plates, for a beautiful and original presentation.
The silicone pencil for decoration has a capacity of 30 ml, it is transparent so you can notice the amount of mixture it has and you can use it like a pencil with which you write, since its shape is practically as if it were.
The material with which the confectionery pencil was manufactured is very resistant and of high quality. You can also clean it easily, it is dishwasher safe.