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MVPOWER pastry tray shaped like a Christmas tree

Order your desserts in this tray shaped like a Christmas tree. 100% manufactured in acrylic and arranged in 7 levels. Easy to assemble and clean.

MVPOWER pastry tray shaped like a Christmas tree
The Christmas dinner is ready and the decorations are shiny, but perhaps there is a detail that you have not repaired. So is! You have baked and decorated some cupcakes, but you do not have where to place them, so you have to improvise.
To avoid that your table at Christmas look bad, we have for you this beautiful tray of cupcakes in the shape of a Christmas tree and 7 levels, designed to place your desserts on these December dates.
This set of muffin trays is made of acrylic material of the highest quality, able to resist the weight of what is placed on top. In addition the trays are held by means of screws to prevent the collapse.
Other utilities of the MVPOWER tray
The use of these pastry trays is not exclusive to desserts, but you can locate even other foods, since the use of this support is to prevent desserts from being misplaced on the table.
It is a tray for muffins quite easy to assemble, so it is enough that you have a screwdriver. It is important that you correctly distribute the weight of the desserts to avoid any disaster.
In case you want to get this tray ...
Yourfuning has through Amazon the best in kitchen and home utensils at great prices; a sample of this is this tray for cupcakes of the brand MVPOWER. Acquire this product through your direct email contact.
Set your desserts and cupcakes intelligently with the MVPOWER pastry tray shaped like a Christmas tree and enjoy a Christmas table organized during the holidays.