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Original and curious decorations for cupcakes

Fondant and cream are our reliable companions. But are they enough to decorate your cupcakes? We present you four original options.

Original and curious decorations for cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes is the most fun of the whole process. And the best is what comes next; the 'oohs' and 'aahs' of those who see them. And all that before they taste them!

So I present four original decorations, outside the typical fondant (as with sugar sprouts) or the cream we all know. We will focus on decorations that can be made in a short time, because we value your free time.

Flags, symbols and printed labels

Simply cut around the shapes, tape them with colorful toothpicks and place them on your cupcakes to give them their own personality.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruit is a lovely way to put a final touch to a cupcake. I recommend berries, like strawberries, because they maintain their consistency for longer. Avoid contact with the glaze, because the humidity of the fruit ruins it.

To cut a strawberry as seen in the photo, place it on a cutting board and cut several slices almost to the stem. Do not cut up the stem or it will not stay together.

Candy filaments

These decorations look super elegant, complicated and intimidating. But I will tell you a secret: they are not so difficult! You just need a good recipe for candy.

If done correctly, the candy solidifies very quickly as it is dropped and can give them any shape you can think of; nests, boxes, spirals ... there are no limits.

Mini cupcakes!

You were not expecting? You can use candies that are shaped like a cupcake (like the Reese's) and add a cover and decoration to match the cupcake they will be on. The effect is amazing.