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Learn how to make fake cupcakes to decorate

Cupcakes recipes are not lacking. But, does the same thing happen with fake cupcakes? Learn this simple recipe for your decorations.

Learn how to make fake cupcakes to decorate

Some reasons to need fake cupcakes are to use them for decorative purposes in any baking business or as a theme for a party. You choose: you can buy these ornaments in a store or make them yourself.

And since you chose the second option, Congratulations! To make your own fake cupcakes, you will need the following materials.

Materials for processing

  • A tray of cupcakes that you no longer use.
  • Colorful cupcakes capsules.
  • Circles of cardboard, the size of the lining of cupcakes.
  • Styrofoam cups, for the frosting of your cupcakes.
  • Plastic bag.
  • Nozzle to decorate.
  • Paintings to color your cupcakes.
  • An old spoon, to stir.
  • Lightweight plating
  • Expandable foam.
  • Vegetable coloring

To work!

Prepare your fake cupcakes in the following way: Take the tray of cupcakes, and place the corresponding capsules. At the bottom of each lining, place the cardboard circle.

To make the dough, take expandable foam, place the plastic nozzle, and start spraying foam into the capsules. Fill only half, because the foam tends to grow excessively. Let your cupcakes dry all night.

Once dry, you should paint the base of the fake cupcakes, letting the paint dry. Prepare a little light dough in a cup, with polystyrene, plating and coloring.

Take the bag and place the pastry nozzle on a tip. Make a small cut to the bag, and fill with the light weight. Then decorate your fake cupcakes, let dry and Ready!