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New professional airbrush and pastry kit

Live a new experience in decorating baked desserts with the professional airbrush and pastry kit. Includes airbrush, templates and inks.

New professional airbrush and pastry kit
You may have seen that airbrushing applied exclusively to murals, cars, and other surfaces. But as a result of the confectionery boom, airbrushes have become a new alternative in terms of decoration and confectionery.
The pastry and professional airbrushing kit is the perfect ally for decorating cupcakes, cakes and all kinds of desserts, since in addition to including an airbrush, it contains all the necessary equipment to decorate your creations.
The decoration of muffins and cakes is not limited to using pastry or fondant sleeves, but thanks to the airbrush certain finishes are achieved, including color gradients and pattern stamping with the help of templates.
Benefits of the airbrush kit
First of all, with the airbrushing of cupcakes and cakes you introduce a completely different concept in decorating your desserts. Beyond making desserts for parties or for sale, your products will give much to talk about for good.
This professional airbrush and pastry kit includes the airbrush, a compressor, insoles to decorate and edible inks. It is important to clean utensils well after use to ensure durability.
Accessing this wonderful opportunity
For you who are looking for pastry tools, Wega elite through its Amazon store has everything you need to decorate muffins, cakes and other desserts. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed with their attention and services.
Do not think twice and soon acquire your new professional airbrush and pastry kit, so you can surprise everyone with your creations.