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Cake decorating equipment 10.8 brand Philonext

Dare to improve the finish of your cakes with this decoration equipment, consisting of a rotating plate, 2 combs and two spatulas for glaze.
When we make cakes and cupcakes to eat at home, perhaps we do not put much effort into their aesthetics. But on special occasions, we strive to decorate our baked goods in the best way and take them to a higher level.
Cake decorating equipment 10.8 brand Philonext
For tasks of this nature we present this decoration team for tarts of 10.8 brand Philonext, consisting of a turntable, three combs to decorate and two spatulas to improve the finish of your cakes and decorated cupcakes.
While the combs and spatulas optimize the aesthetics of your decorations, the heart of the decoration team is the rotating platform, made of environmentally friendly plastic and composed of a non-slip surface.
Learning more about the decoration team
The turntable of this team to decorate cakes, not only help your cakes are perfectly glazed, but will offer more beauty to the cakes and cupcakes that you place on this stand.
It is important to be careful when moving the turntable and its contents, since the turntable and the axle are separate pieces. The combs and spatulas will perfect the finish of your baked goods in conjunction with the rotating support.
Do not hesitate to purchase this decoration package
The best equipment and supplies for the home can be found in Philonext, a brand designed to please the current consumer. Acquire this equipment on the PhilonextDirect site, authorized dealers of the brand and sponsored by Amazon.
Decorating beautiful cakes and cupcakes is possible, thanks to the Cake Decoration Team of 10.8 brand Philonext, and become an expert in the bakery.