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Dispenser and batter for mix of cupcakes and pancake

A perfect product for any confectioner: batter and dispenser for cupcakes and pancake, with a capacity of 900 milliliters.
How do you get along with pastries? For no one is it a secret that confectionery is an art that makes us happy. Baking some cupcakes for your family is the happiness of many mothers, and doing it in a very simple way is a dream that can be fulfilled by the cupcake mixer.
Dispenser and batter for mix of cupcakes and pancake
The cupcake dispenser has a capacity of 900 Ml. And with an opening wide enough to pour the mixture into any type of mold. The pastry product has a handle so you can control the amount of mixture you want to pour into the molds.
Many chefs in the world talk about that in pastry the measure is one of the key points, with this dispenser for cupcakes and pancakes you will not have problems, since it has measurement marks on one side so that you can place the exact amount without any problem .
Do you like baking but hate the cleaning part of the products?
 Baking is fantastic, the tedious part would be cleaning, this is because most baking products are difficult to clean. But in the case of the dispenser for cupcakes, it is different, since it was manufactured not only to pour the mixes comfortably, but it can also be cleaned quickly and easily without much effort.
The dispenser and batter for cupcakes and pancakes can become your best friend, has a beautiful design and is made with resistant material, so its useful life is prolonged.