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Cupcakes with golden unicorn horn and colors

Unicorns have set a precedent in decorations. We have for you this type of decoration of cupcakes with unicorn design and colors.

Cupcakes with golden unicorn horn and colors

These lovely cupcakes are also absolutely beautiful delicious. We know you want to learn how to make them, so we bring you an easy and quick guide so you can enjoy these delights at home. And of course, they will be the ideal detail for that party with a theme of unicorns.

Necessary materials:

  • Ready and baked cupcakes
  • Butter cream
  • Rainbow sparks
  • Candy-colored fondant
  • Edible gold painting
  • Brushes

Covering the cupcakes

With the cream in one sleeve, cover each cupcake with a good layer. You can start from the edges, in a spiral, to cover the center. This spiral does not have to be perfect because it will be covered.

Pour the chosen sparks into a shallow dish. Then take the covered cupcake and dip it to coat it with sparks. Tilt them to make sure you cover them completely. If the cream is very soft, you can put the cupcakes in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

You can manually add some larger sparks to distribute them better on the surface.

The horn of the unicorn

Prepare two elongated cords with caramel colored fondant, with a thinner end. Gently twist one over the other to form the horn. You can use a frosting straightener to give it a conical shape.

Cover the horn with the edible gold paint and let it dry. Finally, you just have to add the unicorn horn to the cupcake.

Adjust the colors to match the decoration of any event, you can also use white or silver pearls or sugar flowers to decorate.

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