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Cupcakes in the shape of sheep with marshmallow wool

Cupcakes in the shape of sheep with marshmallow wool

These tender and sweet lambs will be an original addition to your dessert table, and will delight children and adults alike.
A small flock of these delicious and sweet lambs is just what you need to accompany that tea or coffee, but they are perfect for a children's party where they will surely be very appreciated by children and their companions.
There is something about making cupcakes in the shape of cute animals that makes people faint with tenderness. This decoration technique is simple and results in incredibly adorable cupcakes.
They also yield a lot, because you do not have to make them as bulky as other types of cupcakes. Let me show you how I made them.
• 10 small chocolate cupcakes in their cups.
• 2 cups of mini-white marshmallows (or whatever color you prefer).
• Vanilla glaze.
• Chocolate chips.
• Caramel eyes.
• Wax paper.
1. Break two of the cupcakes and mix them with the vanilla frosting. Knead the mixture and form with it 8 ovals, these will be the heads. Take them to the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
2. Melt a cup of chocolate chips and cover the heads with this mixture.
3. Divide a mini-marshmallow into three parts. The two outer parts will be the ears, place them next. Also add candy eyes. Repeat with the rest of the heads and then take them to the refrigerator for another 15 minutes.
4. Distribute a little frosting on the surface of the cupcake. Put a head and then roll it with mini-marshmallows. Repeat with the rest of the cupcakes and ¡Ready!

You can find more information in wineandglue