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Three-tier stand for pink cupcakes

The perfect product to take to a picnic day; support for three-tier cupcakes, with capacity for 24 cupcakes.

Three-tier stand for pink cupcakes
Do you like cupcakes? We know that the answer is Yes! It is very difficult to find someone who does not like these cakes. And as always there are those who are dedicated to making them different flavors and decorations, if you are one of those pastries that likes to bake some delicious cupcakes to your children and your whole family, then you need a cupcakes support¸ in which you can store 24 delicious cakes .
A support of three levels, ideal to store and keep your cupcakes in good condition, also for its decorative appearance you can have it in your kitchen and it will look fantastic.
Picnic day?
Bring your cupcakes for a day of picnic will not be at all complicated with this suitcase for cupcakes. Its design is specially manufactured to be moved from one place to another without any inconvenience, because it has a handle to carry it in your hands.
The cakes will arrive at the place where you will make the picnic in perfect condition and well preserved. Place your blanket and other items that you take to the picnic and combine them with the cupcakes case, everything will look perfect.
If you're worried about cleaning the cupcake holder, do not worry! The support was designed to be easily washed, you just have to wash it with soap, rinse it and dry it with a towel. The material with which it was designed does not wear or break easily.
Do you want to have a cupcake suitcase? The support of three levels for cupcakes you can get it and have at home a good support for 24 delicious cupcakes.