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Beautiful rustic wooden stand for cupcakes

Beautiful rustic wooden stand for cupcakes

Give life to your parties with the help of this fabulous support in the form of a tree made of rustic wood, with which you will surely surprise your guests.
If you are looking for a beautiful and practical support for cupcakes or cakes, you are in the right place! And it is that this particular support presents a rustic design, that adapts to any occasion with the appropriate decoration.
It is perfect to be used in all kinds of celebrations: weddings, anniversaries, babyshowers, birthdays, and much more. In any celebration or meeting in which the guests are offered cake or cupcakes, this will be the perfect support.
Your chrysanthemum-shaped cupcakes will be perfect in this spectacular support. Would you like to know it better?
Characteristics of the tree
Its dimensions are practical; It has a height between 15 and 18 inches. The round base has a diameter of 11 to 13 inches, the central trays have a diameter of 6 inches, while the upper one has a diameter of approximately 7 inches.
All trays are one inch thick. With these dimensions, a capacity of about 25 cupcakes is calculated.
You will not have to worry about taking care of this beautiful support, since its levels are protected with mineral oil, which does not alter the food.
Additional aspects
If you are looking for greater food safety, you can ask that the'platform be covered with polyurethane, which, although it generates an additional expense, makes you feel more calm with this extra.
Another advantage of acquiring this support is its resistance and stability, making it possible to use it in different celebrations and meetings. Just modify your decoration a bit so that it combines with the celebration you are going to make.
This wonderful support can be found through Etsy, by clicking below. Discover a new way to present your cupcakes with this fabulous support. Do you dare to buy it?

You can find more information in etsy