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Digital kitchen scale with built-in decanter from Sytech

Prepare delicious cupcakes and other creations with the help of this digital scale. Includes jug with a capacity of 1 liter to weigh the materials.
Nothing more therapeutic than making your own desserts, as you have the opportunity to print love in what you do. But even for those who lack tools to bake cakes and cupcakes, this task can turn into a nightmare.
Digital kitchen scale with built-in decanter from Sytech
We have for you this wonderful kitchen digital scale with built-in jar from Sytech, which has the additional benefit of measuring the individual weight of ingredients such as water, flour, milk and oil, thanks to its density detector.
As for the jar of the scale, it is capable of measuring in milliliters, cups and ounces, designed to adapt to your favorite way of measuring the volumes in your creations.
Characteristics of the mixed scale
The monitor of the mixed scale is located on the upper part of the handle, which allows an easy reading of the weight. Ideal to prepare mixes of cakes and cupcakes. It is a sensitive instrument that detects small differences in weighing.
It contains a long-lasting CR-2032 lithium battery, in addition to an operation manual that will teach you the correct handling of this baking scale to facilitate the durability of the instrument.
How can I get this kitchen scale?
ONOGAL is an online store capable of satisfying the needs of diverse customers, even those that require scales to cook efficiently. You can access this product through D.B.G ONOGAL S.L, distributors sponsored by Amazon.
Take the opportunity to purchase Sytech's fabulous digital kitchen scale with built-in jug, and prepare delicious recipes thanks to the assistance of this valuable instrument.